I will try to give you an overview in simple terms...

  • Adult Stem Cells are the natural renewal, repair and rejuvenation system of the body. 1
  • Adult Stem Cells;
    • are released from the bone marrow,
    • are transported in the blood,
    • migrate out of the bloodstream and into tissues that are in need,
    • proliferate (multiply) in the tissue, replacing damaged, aged or non functioning cells,
    • differentiate (change) into new, healthy cells of the tissue they migrated into. 2
  • Dietary supplements can support the release, transportation, migration, proliferation and differentiation of adult stem cells as well as the duration in which they remain active.
  • Adult Stem Cells naturally occur in our body from the time we are born.
  • The number of circulating adult stem cells is the best indicator of health and wellbeing.
  • Our normal tissue cells are wearing out and losing their effectiveness little by little every day. Trauma, disease, toxins, poor diet, and normal daily body function cause this degeneration
  • Adult Stem Cells replace cells in tissues that have become diseased, damaged, or which have ceased to function as they should.
  • Adult Stem Cells repair us every day without us even knowing. it is a natural process.
  • Each Adult Stem Cells can become many cells of any tissue in our body. Adult Stem Cells can become;






digestive tract







blood vessels

red and white blood cells

connective tissue

virtually anything!

  • When we are young we have many Adult Stem Cells. They make us grow, heal our broken bones, cuts and bruises, help us to fight diseases, replace and renew worn out or malfunctioning cells in our tissues.
  • The number of Adult Stem Cells circulating in our body decreases over time causing us to experience the aches and pains and loss of muscle and skin tone that we call ageing.
  • Less circulating Adult Stem Cells means our body is not repairing, regenerating or rejuvenating as fast, meaning we age.
  • Current scientific theory suggests that less circulating Adult Stem Cells may lead to degenerative diseases.
  • Many degenerative conditions cease to be a problem when the body is able to repair itself with more circulating Adult Stem Cells.
  • Sports recovery and performance are assisted by having more adult stem cells. Muscles, joints and other injuries repair and recover faster.
  • Adult Stem Cells are NOT Embryonic Stem Cells.
  • Adult Stem Cells do NOT cause cancer.
  • The number of Adult Stem Cells in our bodies can be increased by Stem Cell Nutrition.
  • in my opinion, the best stem cell nutrition comes from botanical sources
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